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Because our parent company, Ensign Emblem, has been in the embroidery business for over 30 years, we understand the pain that converting from one thread to another can cause.  That’s why we do everything we can to help make thread conversion easy and painless.  Whether you use polyester embroidery thread or rayon embroidery thread, we offer a variety of ways to help you make the switch.

Online Thread Conversion
This way of converting thread is quite simple.  Simply click the
Thread Converter button and choose the menu item which corresponds to the thread you currently use.  Once you’ve made your selection, enter the number of the thread you’re trying to convert.  Once you’ve selected your number, click the look-up button.  You will then be shown all the items that contain the Iris thread that is a match to the thread number you selected.    From there you can easily click on the products you wish to purchase and add them to your shopping cart.

Currently we offer conversions from Madeira, Robison-Anton, Isacord and Sulky to Iris polyester.   We also offer conversions from Madeira Rayon, Robison-Anton Rayon and Sulky Rayon to Iris polyester.  We hope to be able to offer rayon to rayon conversions soon.
If you’re looking for an easy way to convert from your current supplier to Iris thread, it doesn’t get much easier than this.  All you have to do is select your color number and click and our conversion program does the rest.

MyThreadBox Free
EnMart is proud to offer two version of the MyThreadBox conversion software.
MyThreadBox Free for Iris Threads will allow you to find conversions between the brand of thread you currently use and Iris thread.  MyThreadBox Full Edition  allows you to convert from one thread to another regardless of what the brands are.  Both MyThreadBox versions contain thread matches for all the major machine embroidery thread manufacturers.

Because MyThreadBox uses digital color matching on the RGB spectrum, it provides very accurate color matches.  The only thing more accurate would be having an embroidery color matching expert sit down and do the matches by hand.   The software runs on any PC with Windows 95 or better.

Downloadable Conversion Charts
We offer thread conversion charts which can be downloaded from our web site.   All EnMart thread conversion charts were created by us, in house, using matching skills built up over 30 years in the embroidery business.  All matches were made by hand.  If you want the most exact match possible, our thread conversion charts are the best way to get the information you need.



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